She Wore Green Velvet

 There is something about green velvet that just makes me happy!

 And green velvet sofas especially make me happy!

 I can't figure out why.  Maybe it reminds me of a green meadow.
Or a freshly mowed lawn.

Whether it's celery green velvet...

Or kelly green velvet...

I am forever drawn to velvet sofas.

For years, this was my green velvet sofa in the living room, complete with bullion fringe.

Many of you have expressed your love for it, and it has been great.
But over time, I wanted an updated look.  Less grandma and more fresh and current.

Specifically, I was thinking of apple green velvet.

Today the upholsterers delivered my sofa, and she wears apple green velvet!
Yes, the fringe is gone.  Also gone is piping on the cushions and pillows, making for a cleaner, updated look.  
Instead of the three formed box cushions on the back, I opted for five down cushions.

Did I mention how comfortable it is?  The three bottom cushions were replaced with just two and I upgraded the cushions for more comfort.
I have to say, this green velvet sofa makes me happy!

Just like my original green velvet sofa did over 30 years ago!
I had completely forgotten about it until now.
I bought it at a garage sale in 1979 and had it reupholstered in this olive green cut velvet fabric.
That's our oldest daughter Melissa, circa 1983,  
I wonder what happened to that green velvet sofa....!

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