My Little Helpers

 A few months ago, I found this paisley duvet cover on sale at Pottery Barn.

 It has been sitting on a shelf ever since.  
I knew I wanted to change up the bedding in the guest house, but was reluctant to go from soothing all-white to bright and colorful.

 Fall seems like the perfect season to make the change, so I announced to my granddaughters that grandma was going to the guest house to make her bed!

 "Can we help you grandma?"

But of course!  
So we made making grandma's bed into a project.
While my daughter and I worked inside, the girls were very helpful gathering acorns and putting rocks in the lantern.

They were perfectly happy looking for special rocks just outside the door.

And I was perfectly happy to stuff my new duvet cover without too much "help!"

 We were all very busy!

 With the late afternoon sun as my muse, I grabbed my good camera to capture this moment in time.

 Outside, the oaks that are our view from the bedroom.

 Inside, the still life on the dresser.

But the most wonderful subjects were my granddaughters, glowing with the joy of playing...

 ...illuminated by the amber afternoon, fall light.

The same amber fall light that makes everything glow.  
This is mother nature's change of season outside, and my cue to start decorating for fall inside.
Thanks to my "girls," I began with the bed!

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