Bovine Love

Last week, I made the trek across the Bay to Berkeley to spend the day lunching and antiquing with my friend Lisa.  It's always a pleasure to visit Lisa!  She knows all the fabulous little stores and shops, plus she has a great eye and exquisite taste.  

Case in point:  She pointed out this little cow painting, knowing how much I love cows.  
It is hard to find good cow paintings that aren't too cartoonish or cutsey, so this one came home with me!

This milk bottle also came home with me.  Lisa found it too, of course.  I was only going to buy just the one bottle with the cow on it, until I realized there were more, and they were all in a carrier.

"Wouldn't it make a great centerpiece with flowers in each bottle?" asked Tom, the shop owner?
Well, that did it!  I could just envision wildflowers or roses in each bottle...
 As soon as I got home, I ran them through the dishwasher and they came out sparkling!
 Aren't they beautiful?

 These finds join the other bovines I've collected, like this cow over the stove.

 And this painting in the dining room.

And this landscape in the family room.

Yet another bucolic landscape in the family room...

Sometimes I think my Mom might have been right when she asked me if I was "born in a barn" because that would explain my love for cows, as well as chickens.  And sheep.  And bees....
This list goes on and on!

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