Let's Sleep Under The Stars

Have you gone camping this summer yet?  Have you ever gone camping?
Well, it's not too late to sleep under the stars.
Preferably in style!

I am obsessed with the idea of "glamping."
Think camping, but with all the comforts of home.

How fun would it be to set up a tent in the backyard for the summer...

...and enjoy sleeping under the stars when the house is hot and it's cool outside.

It wouldn't even be that hard to set up.
A blow-up mattress and all those cast-offs in the garage would keep you camping in comfort.

How about camping out for a week long vacation that's easy on the pocketbook but big on memories.

Memories are exactly what I have plenty of when it comes to camping.
I grew up camping and we took our kids camping every summer too.
Not exactly glamping, but we had fun anyway.

It would have been more fun if we had this set up though!

I remember when my parents upgraded from tent camping to a trailer.
  It looked something like this.  
We were in camping heaven!

 I would be in camping heaven if I had an Airstream trailer to fix up.
Seriously, it's been a dream of mine to remodel and decorate one of these beauties some day.  

This is what I'm talking about!  

So whether you prefer a tent or a camper, grab the s'mores fixings, the insect repellent and sleep under the stars before the summer is over. 

You can read about my Airstream obsession here.
For more glamping inspiration, see my Pinterest board, "Gypsy Style" here.
All photos from Pinterest

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