Day Tripping On The Sonoma Coast

 We took a detour on our way home yesterday, meandering through the back roads and little hamlets of Guerneville, Monte Rio and Bodega.

 The Russian River is the main attraction in Monte Rio and has been for years, as people come here and rent vacation cabins for a week or just play in the river. 

 Standing on the bridge, the river scene reminded me of a movie, set in the 60's.
I was also reminded of my childhood in Oregon, with summers spent swimming and sunning on the Siuslaw River.

 Leaving the Russian River, we headed through the redwoods towards the little town of Bodega.

Just a few miles from Bodega Bay, this quaint town had two antique stores to make it worth the long winding road to get here.

This one looked promising...

 I spied a set of red vintage majolica plates collecting dust on the back shelf in one of the stores.
These are pretty rare, so of course I bought them for the tablescape in my head!

 Mr. A wanted to buy the enormous Elk trophy, but I "reeled him in" on that one!

 There is something special about Bodega...
That's right.  The Hitchcock movie, The Birds was filmed here!

 There's even a life-size statue outside the local general store of Alfred Hitchcock!

 Really weird!

 More Birds memorabilia inside the store.

This movie made me never look at birds the same way again.
To this day, if there are too many of them, I feel uneasy!

A few miles away, we toured the foggy Bodega Bay with too many birds for my liking.
That's when we called it a day and headed back home.

 This morning, the small red cabbage leaf plates were looking really pretty on the dining room table.

Oh, and the brown McCoy pitcher too, found in Guerneville!

When was the last time you took a detour home?
You never know what treasures and adventures await....

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