New Outdoor Living Room Reveal

Just in time for summer, my client's new outdoor living room finally came together.
This is how it looked last week after all the pieces except the rug were delivered.

Living on the Northern California coast can be a bit challenging weather-wise, so when this deck was rebuilt, my client had glass walls installed to shelter her from the wind.  Yes, that's the Pacific Ocean in the distance.  A sunny day, but still windy.  When we sat on the new sofas, we indeed were sheltered from the wind!

 I found the outdoor kubu wicker furniture at Orchard Supply Hardware.  It provides the luxurious look and feel she had in mind and works with her budget.  
They're really two corner units stuck together, each forming loveseats. 

I purposely chose gray furniture to go with the new gray deck, along with galvanized accessories. 

They're from Target's Privet House collection and look great with a punch of red from the geraniums...

...and suzani inspired pillows, also from Target.
There is one more punch of red that is missing from this outdoor living room though!

The rug!
It was finally delivered and what a difference it made.  It's amazing how a rug can anchor a space and pull everything together.  This rug was the perfect choice!

It really brightens up the space, especially on a foggy day on the coast!

Ocean?  What ocean?
No matter, there will be plenty of sunny days ahead and now my client can finally enjoy her deck with comfortable seating, shelter from the wind, while enjoying her fantastic view.

Outdoor furniture from Orchard Supply Hardware here.
Rug from Home Decorator's Collection here.
Accessories from Target here and here.

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