Let There Be (New) Light

Behold, the Elena Chandelier from Pottery Barn.
"Strands of natural wooden beads take the place of crystal droplets...a striking departure from tradition."

The tole and crystal chandelier in our dining room is lovely, but I've been wanting a departure from the crystals and uber feminine look for a while.

Something less frilly, yet still traditional with a twist.

 So when I first saw this chandelier, I was smitten.
The wooden beads and bronze metal stamped with a botanical detail just spoke to me.

Here is how it looked last night after it was installed...

...and this morning.
I love the new look!
Now, I have to install the new (old) draperies that I'm recycling from the living room to complete the new, lighter look.  Stay tuned....

For information about the Elena Wooden Bead Chandelier, visit PB's website here.

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