Up For Consideration

Since moving the dining room curtains to the kitchen, I had to move the living room curtains into the dining room, leaving the living room with nothing on the four windows.
This morning, while shopping the internet, I came across these panels from Pottery Barn.  
Perhaps they would look great in the living room, but also the kitchen!

And so would these, also from Pottery Barn!
While I'm not crazy about ready made curtains, these certainly have piqued my interest.
Being both lazy and frugal, I thought I could order them extra long so there is room to add my signature gathered header.  Thoughts?

Also, I stand corrected.  The one and only Penelope Bianchi informed me that the word "drapes," (as in the plural of drape), is the wrong word.  They're curtains!  Drapes is a verb, as in "the fabric drapes."  All this time, I was using the word as a noun!  
Curtains do sound better, I'll admit!

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