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Phytoplankton at night. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives
Phytoplankton have adapted to the darkness of the ocean by utilising chemicals known as luciferins to ‘glow’. The light is produced by a series of oxidation reactions set off by a catalyst called luciferase. Bioluminescence is very useful in the open ocean; be it for finding food and mates, thwarting predators, or simply lighting the way.
We feel alone and unconnected in this world, but there is
 a place of unity and connectedness within us
Don't Forget to Smile
Funny ..
Awesome view of Rail track in France..
Crescent Earth
Cute Pic ♥♥♥
Garden Party - Cute Birds
Mountain Lookout, Boldogkőváralja, Hungary
Nature's way of saying I love you!
No Enemy Infornt Of Food.......
Not particularly funny, but interesting nonetheless
new trend

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