I Finally Got The Courage!

Our new green kitchen is still evolving.
I'm tweaking it here and there after living with the final reveal for a few months.
You know, things just come to you in the middle of the night!

For example:  The doors...

This cabinet has beautiful leaded glass doors!
I kept asking myself why would I take perfectly good doors, freshly painted and store them in the garage?

Because when the doors were re-installed, I "lost" the dish display I worked so hard on.

I found myself leaving the doors open all day, kind of experimenting with the look of open shelving and getting up the courage to take them off.

One day, I just did it.
Oh, and it felt good, too!
Yes, there will have to be a small repair where the hinges were, but I love seeing my dishes on display.
I kept the doors on the other glass cabinets across the room, but I'll admit that I gave it serious thought to remove them too!



What do you think?

I'm still working on the window covering, and the corbels for the range hood.
I'll keep you posted....

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