Hotel de Glace: North America’s Only Ice Hotel

Located only 10 minutes from downtown Quebec City, Canada, the Hotel de Glace is America’s only ice hotel entirely made of ice and snow. Using over 500 tons of ice and 15,000 tons of snow, the 32,000 square foot (2,973 sq m) ice hotel is a truly unique experience.
The hotel features 36 rooms and theme suites along with an incredible ice bar, cafe, wedding chapel and of course a giant ice slide! Additional information and tons of amazing pictures, enjoy!

Hotel de Glace: North America’s Only Ice Hotel

Hotel de Glace was the brainchild of Jacque Desbois who had read about the world’s first Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden in 1996. Five years later, Desbois erected the first ice hotel in Montgomery Falls, Quebec. Since then, over 700,000 people from around the world have visited the hotel, with 30,000 people experiencing the thrill of staying overnight.

Construction begins in early December once the temperature drops below zero. Over a six-week period, approximately 50 people work tirelessly to erect the annual hotel. About 30 of the workers focus on production while fifteen sculptors work to decorate the hotel and bring it to life.
The snow is made on-site with snow blowers, as the snow that falls from the sky is too dray and airy. The first step is to lay the foundation which much be at least 2-feet thick. The snow is then blown over metal molds to give the hotel its unique shapes. Once the snow sets and hardens, the molds are removed and the Hotel de Glace is born.

Frequently asked questions

What temperature is it inside the Hotel de Glace?
In addition to being a great windshield, the thick snow walls keep the Hotel de Glace well insulated. The ambient temperature varies only by a few degrees between -3°C and -5°C, no matter what the outside temperature is.
How do people sleep in the Hotel de Glace?
All beds have a solid ice base, with a wooden bedspring and a mattress on top. Mattresses are covered with blankets, and people sleep inside arctic sleeping bags designed to stay warm in temperatures as low as -30°C. It is recommended that you slip inside your sleeping bag wearing just thermal underwear to keep humidity to a minimum.
Where do you go to relax?
The Hotel de Glace has an interior court in which is located the Nordic Area with its spas and sauna under the stars. These are available to you from 8 PM until 8 AM. It is highly recommended to use the Nordic area to warm your body and dry you correctly before going to bed. Towels and bathrobes are available upon request at the guest section.

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