A Warren Of Rabbits

You have heard of the terms, a gaggle of geese, a pack of dogs, or a pride of lions?  Right?
So what do you call a bunch of rabbits?

I looked it up. 
 A warren of rabbits.
Actually, they were jackrabbits, so they would be called a husk of jackrabbits!
Which is what we had last weekend in Asti.
I counted 3 adult bunnies taking shelter from the 105 degree heat near the house.
They were so hot, they didn't even run away when we got near them!  I felt so sorry for them.

But not as sorry as I felt for this little bunny that my granddaughters discovered in the lawn.
Poor thing, he must have been abandoned by his mom in the heat.

What to do with him?  If we left him there, he would surely be eaten by a hawk, or die from heat exhaustion.

After much discussion, we decided to capture him and get him out of the sun until his mother reclaimed him.  

It was all very exciting!  The girls gave him carrots and water, and we kept him in the shade for the afternoon.   Later, we released him nearby a grown rabbit, which was probably hanging around looking for her baby.

A few hours later, he was gone.
The granddaughters would like to think that they found each other and lived happily ever after!
So would I!

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