Styling The Kitchen Cupboards

Inspiring Interiors
Putting everything back in the kitchen cupboards is a daunting task.  That's because I'm determined not to put everything back the same way.  
So, I've been looking for inspiration on Pinterest that appeals to me, yet provides practical storage ideas.
I really like the way this cabinet looks because it's neutral and soothing to the eye.

I like this also, however I want to get away from too many patterns on display. 

Between Naps On The Porch
What I really need is this, but it's not going to happen!
Unless I turn a bedroom into a dish storage room.
In the meantime, I've cleared out a cabinet in the family room just for holiday dishes, freeing up space in the dining room for my colored glassware.  Which gives me room in the kitchen to "style" my cupboards.
Kind of like "musical cupboards."

Joanne Hudson Kitchens
My idea of heaven!
This is my inspiration for the kitchen cabinets.
Concentrate on grouping my white ironstone together, yet mix it up with our everyday dishes and glassware.


This is how this cabinet looked before the paint project.
Everything in here is seldom used.

I took out the cake stands and most of the glasses to create a whole new look.
This will probably change several times.

The only cabinet for our every day glasses.

 Less glasses, more white ironstone.

The cabinet to the right of the sink stores our everyday dishes.
So far, the upper shelf is the only part I like!

And this is the reality:  No doors yet!
Thank God, they go back on Monday morning!
Although, it's kind of nice having everything you need at your fingertips.

On another note, we're off to Los Angeles today for #2 Son's graduation from college.
A very proud moment indeed!

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