Spring Cleaning and Planting in Asti

 Mother's Day weekend for us was spent de-winterizing Asti and preparing for the summer.
Since we haven't been there in weeks, the spiders, mice, lizards and dust had to go!

 So did the old, ratty succulents, replaced with new ones in the back door urns.

Much better!

All the window boxes needed to be replaced.  The geraniums are five years old!

Mr. A found these iron fences when we were in Carmel.  Perfect around the Mulberry Tree!

  The property looks the best this time of year, especially with all the roses abloom. 

The biggest project was planting the vegetable garden.
Six tomatos, four Armenian cucumbers, four eggplants and miscellaneous herbs.
Nevermind the rattlesnake we discovered only ten feet away, but that's another story...

The newlyweds were around to help plant--their forte!
It's a good thing, because Mr. A and I were worn out!

We're now set for summer in Asti!

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