Showering En Plein Air

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My BFF Maureen informed me that they want an outside shower next to their spa and that her husband, was bound and determined to build one.  They use their spa more than anyone I know, so it makes sense to be able to shower before and after taking a soak.

Pottery Barn
An outdoor shower may seem like a frivolous idea, but trust me, if you have a spa, pool or live near the beach, it's a must.  They're perfect for washing the sand off the feet before going into the house...

...or, after a day in the garden.  Even for washing the dog outside!

This one seems fairly simple to make.  Just extend a pipe from your outside spigot. 
So what if the water is ice cold!
When it's 100 degrees  outside, you will be thankful!

This shower is equipped to wash your whole body, or just your feet.

Martha Stewart Living
I wish we had an outside shower growing up.  I remember going barefoot all summer long and at the end of the day, we hosed our feet off before coming inside.
Actually, the hose was rather nice since the first minute or so, the water was hot from being in the sun all day!  Remember?

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