Our "New" Kitchen!

"Find things you love and build around them.
Designers will be the first to tell you that they'd rather not start from scratch. Their best work is a combination of what you love and what they know." ~Karol Dewulf Nickell

That quote has been my mantra during this entire kitchen remodel.   It all started when I replaced the countertops last October.  Everything else was built around that!  

Here are a few shots of the final result.

It's so nice having the kitchen put back together and I love how the cabinets turned out.
They have a lovely brown glaze over them and are distressed just enough.

Because this kitchen has been one thing leads to another, I've been calling it the "can of worms" remodel.
Replacing one thing, led to replacing another, which made me paint...you get the picture, right?
Remember my mantra?

Painting the cabinets green is making me question the wall color.  See, it's the can of worms effect!

I'm actually thinking of white walls!  That's right, you heard me!
When I say white, I mean a soft white.  The cabinets will just pop, don't you think?

Painting the cabinets also makes me question my accessories and whether they should find another place to live, like this naive little fruit painting that has always leaned against the backsplash, hiding the electric outlet...

Last night I poured myself a glass of wine and just started playing with my stuff, moving things around and enjoying our "new" kitchen!
I moved the topiaries off the mantel and flanked the sink with them.
Brought in some more confit pots and demijohns.

The brown transferware lamp is the one constant that stays.  It gives off a warm glow in the corner.  I'm loving our kitchen at night!

I'm also loving the new refrigerator!
It is so fun at night with the light on inside.
I haven't given it a second thought what the contents look like inside.
People told me that it would drive me crazy if things weren't neat and staged, but it hasn't.

Some even said my kitchen would look like a 7 Eleven!  
What I do know is that this is the most efficient refrigerator ever.  
It's a dream come true for me and I'm so grateful to have her in my kitchen!

Ian, the master painter said it best:  "This kitchen now looks like it belongs in this house, like it evolved over time."  That was my intent all along.  It certainly has evolved and fits the age of the house perfectly.
We are just thrilled with the new look! 

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