Our 30 Year Anniversary at The One & Only Palmilla

Thirty years ago, on Memorial Day weekend, we got married!
At the time, we had Monday off and could take a little honeymoon to the Oregon Coast.  
It wasn't much of a honeymoon--we were back to work on Tuesday!

Funny thing, we thought we were being smart by getting married on a three day weekend, but in reality we never were able to get away for our anniversary.  
There was always something.  School year ending, graduations, not to mention a baby born the same time.  So we just treated ourselves to nice dinners out on our anniversary.

Well, not this year!  We are going to Cabo!

29 years of anniversary dinners equals 4 nights at the One and Only Palmilla with my "one and only!"

Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, Palmilla is paradise on earth!  

This resort was originally built in 1956 by the son of the President of Mexico.  It was only accessible for many years by either boat or private plane, and celebrities like John Wayne, Lucille Ball and Bing Crosby used to come here.  Palmilla later became popular in 1970 when the Transpeninsular Highway was completed.  

A major remodel in 2004 preserved the flavor of the original resort and became the One and Only Palmilla.
It is where we will be celebrating 30 years of marriage with a second honeymoon!

 This is actually our second time at Palmilla.  We were here five years ago with another couple for a few days.  I remember how special it was and how we cried when we left!

It isn't easy to leave this place!  It's funny, I remember how they sent us off with a packed lunch and an elaborate farewell!  I imagine I'll cry again when it's time to leave....

...In the meantime, this is where you'll find me for the next few days!

Somebody pinch me please!


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