Furniture In The Bathroom: A Luxury!

Having an armoire in the bathroom, filled with stacks of towels and bath essentials is to me a luxury.
I love how it brings a homey aesthetic to an otherwise utilitarian room.

If it is an antique, all the better.

Most bathrooms aren't big enough or have the wall space to accommodate a piece like this one, but oh, isn't it wonderful?

My Home Ideas
Perhaps it's possible to squeeze in a tall narrow piece?

I like how furniture usually found in a kitchen or dining room, like this low cabinet can be repurposed for the bathroom.

This antique black lacquered piece fits perfectly in a nook filled with clothing.
I can see it filled with stacks of white towels though.
There's even room here for a bench!

This cabinet isn't an antique.  In fact, it's from the Paula Deen Home collection.
I like how functional it is for towels and toiletries.
The drawers could be used for underwear, jewelry, etc.

If there isn't room for an armoire, perhaps an open shelf or table would work.  This elegant piece looks fabulous with marble.

A more rustic piece fits underneath a window and provides warmth to an all white vintage bathroom.

House Beautiful
Of course, I love faux bamboo!
This piece was squeezed in a tight spot, but it's worth it for its functionality and rustic aesthetic it brings to this little bathroom.  I would have found room for it too!

Traditional Home
Charles Faudree inspired me to find a faux bamboo piece for my own bathroom after seeing his, although I would have filled the bottom half of the cabinet with towels instead of books. 
Sorry Charles.  Just saying...

Here is my master bathroom with furniture! 
Originally, this space had an enormous built-in bathtub with jets.  When dry rot forced us to tear it out, I replaced it with a smaller claw foot bathtub.  And found room for furniture as a bonus!
 The slipper chair was found at a thrift store and recovered. 
And my favorite, the faux bamboo cabinet. It's tall and narrow, probably originally used as a curio or for books.

It's been repurposed to hold towels!
I consider it a luxury to have room for it, and to have found this wonderful piece.
I know I'll have it the rest of my life!

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