Water Features In The Garden

Water features in the garden, whether fountains or bird baths not only provide the sweet sound of a babbling brook...

...but it's also a sure way to attract more birds as well.

On our last antiquing trip, we bought this vintage bird bath, but the birds have yet to discover it.
In the meantime, I picked white camellias to float in it.

I love how this is a one of a kind piece, hand made by someone who thought to stud it with pebbles.

I found the perfect place for it in the garden amongst the lilac and azaleas.

In the front yard, the fountain that doubles as a bird bath is a great source of entertainment. 

That's because the birds have a field day playing in it!

If you haven't noticed, this week is gardening week.
Pruning and planting, fertilizing and futzing around in the dirt.
All this to stay out of the house while the painting contractors work their magic on the kitchen cabinets.
It's a green world inside and out around here!

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