The Written Word

Remember the excitement of finding a handwritten letter in the mailbox?

Perhaps written by a loved one far away or a pen pal from another country?
I'd like to think those days aren't over.
In fact I long for someone to send me a long letter, full of carefully chosen words and charged with emotion.

A handwritten letter is becoming a lost art because it's so much easier to send an email or text.
After all, writing a letter takes time and effort. To sit down with pen in hand and carefully select the words, write them in cursive, then to have the recipient read them, not just once but over and over.
And to think that the letter could be saved forever in a box, perhaps read by another generation....

Does that generation even know how to write in cursive anymore? Ah, but they don't have to know how to write!
I remember practicing my handwriting in school, trying to make it pretty.

Or writing a secret note to a friend and folding it just so, hoping the teacher didn't catch me. Kids today just text each other!

I had a friend years ago who wrote the most wonderful letters. She was away for three months and would send a five page letter describing her adventures. I hung on her every word as she had a way with words anyway. But it was her beautiful handwriting that I enjoyed as well.
I still have them in my secretary. I can't throw them away because they represent a time capsule of my life. Imagine if her correspondence was sent via email? It would be gone forever.

Last week, I visited our local stationery store, Paper Caper.
It has been on the "Avenue" forever and I'm like a kid in a candy store there.

Imagine, a whole store of cards and stationery all for the purpose of sending a message or invite.
Not an email, Facebook message, or a text, but a handwritten note!
I had a conversation with the owner about how a store like this is becoming outdated with the internet and e-vites. Kind of made me sad...

There is even an online site that allows you to download your own handwriting and send a letter via email. Not quite the same, but I tried it.
Here is what the note looked like that I sent to my daughter.

My 89 year old Mother-in-law doesn't own a computer or even know about email.
She still writes notes and letters to her family and friends, old school style.
When we get a letter in the mail, I immediately recognize her handwriting.
Sadly, I suspect she doesn't get many letters back since we all just want to send her an email.
In a way, she is missing out on a lot, but then, so are we....

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

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