Kitchen Progress: Going Green

Now I know why I procrastinated about painting the kitchen.
It's a big deal. 

Day one was just taping off and tenting.

The painting contractors formed a barrier between the kitchen and family room.

Everything that was in the cabinets, is now on every table and flat surface in the house!

The moment of truth when the first coat of color went on.

Too late now, we're going green!

As you can see, all the doors and drawers were first removed.
They're at the painter's shop, while the frames, obviously
 need to be sprayed onsite.

The island will remain black, but it gets a newer, distressed look.

After the cabinets were sprayed green, they were distressed, then a brown glaze applied.
The final coat was a clear, protective coat.



Next week, the doors and drawers go back and it's a wrap.
Stay tuned for the final reveal!

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