Cabbage Roses

If you've been following this blog for long, you may know of my love of roses.

Roses in the garden...

...roses on the drapes.

Roses on plates, roses on pillows, even roses on tole trays!
The list goes on and on.

I mean, is there any thing more beautiful than a bouquet of roses?
If you are a romantic like me, you will agree!

So, when these linen pillows came up for sale on OKL, I bought them without hesitation.
I had no idea where I would put them. I just knew that a fabric this beautiful depicting cabbage roses would be too hard for me to pass up.

But wait, didn't I go through this rose phase already?
Well, guess what? I think this rose phase is coming back. And I think design is heading again in that direction. Have you noticed more florals lately in design magazines, fabrics and fashion? I have.

We used to call it the English Country look. Remember?
Romantic decor with floral fabrics and rugs. With fresh picked cabbage roses straight from the cottage garden.

Yes, I think us romantics have always loved this look, and after several years of scratchy burlap and simple linen, a soft floral here and there is a welcome surprise. Again!

Yesterday while shopping with my daughter Ashley, we noticed lots of cabbage roses on clothing.
There is definitely a romantic vibe going on in fashion too!

A sure clue that cabbage roses are a design trend that is still here and not going anywhere!
Which brings me to the word, "timeless."
And that makes me a very happy girl!

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