The Art of Display

When it comes to displaying your collectibles, group them together for visual impact, something I always need to remind myself.

Don't forget to look up for display possibilities.
Something Bonnie Broten taught me. I would never have thought to stage the top of this hutch!

Stack, stack, stack.
Stacked books create a foundation for little objects d'art.

Stick to a theme, whether it's chickens behind chicken wire...

...or religious art paired with like minded objects sharing the same patina and color.

Think organized chaos when your stuff is overwhelming.
Baskets, shelves and cabinets corral it all in an organized manor.

Why am I talking about the art of display?
Well, because I really struggle with creating interesting vignettes. In fact, I suck!
There I said it! I can do it for friends and clients, but not for myself.
I get too impatient and end up just making a big mess, which makes me even more impatient.
Yesterday, I moved things around in hopes of creating an interesting display in my built-in kitchen hutch.

So here is what I came up with so far.
I combined majolica with ironstone and silver and juxtaposed it all with rustic bird's nests.
I was going for a layered, added over time look.

But looking at it now, was I just organizing my chaos!
Or not. Does it look the way I intended?
Oh, I seriously don't even care anymore!

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