Squirrels, Acorns and Oak Leaves, Oh My!

Got to love squirrels, acorns and oak leaves!
My eye will always seek them out; whether on furniture, dishes, jewelry or art of some kind, they just appeal to me!

Case in point: The carved acorns and oak leaves on my Welsh Cupboard.
I don't think I would have bought it if it weren't for these wonderful embellishments.

Or the delightful border on this transferware plate.
I don't even want to show the center of the plate, because it's all about the border!

That's supposed to be a squirrel handle on this jug. Another one of my favorite majolica pieces, it depicts oak leaves and the pitcher itself is like one giant acorn.

I recently found the creamer and sugar to match at a thrift store.

One King's Lane had this plate for sale last week.
At $15, I couldn't resist!

The Paris Hotel Boutique has these fantastic Victorian Percha Acorn earrings for sale here.
Priced at $425, I am resisting! But it's hard because they are so cool.

Probably a more reasonably priced pair of acorn earrings as found in Woodland Style, a book dedicated to all things nature inspired.

I saw this door knocker on Pinterest and it just about killed me!
I won't rest until I find one like it someday! Maybe it's not a knocker, but an added decoration.
Still, if you ever find one, please let me know!

Do you see the green squirrel lamp? And the acorn in front of it?
I even have a squirrel print in this room. What can I say? I just love those squirrels!

Here's a project I will probably never do. Glue acorns on a simple wooden frame.
Add the oak leaf and voila!

In the meantime, I get a lot of pleasure watching this squirrel outside my window, watching me!
How can you resist that face!
Maybe I should frame him in that DIY frame I'll make someday!

I've been kind of on a nature inspired design kick these days.
I think it's a symptom of "spring fever!"
Please bear with me!

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