Faux Bois

I just adore faux bois!
What can I say, it just appeals to that rustic element I so love.
So when One King's Lane had a few ceramic faux bois pieces, I ordered up!
This little pitcher is going to join the few I already own.

I also ordered this vase.
Hard to believe it isn't wood.
That's because it's fake wood, or faux bois! (foh-BWAH)
Actually, it's resin...

Faux bois comes in other mediums like this cement pot that I recently saw at Big Daddy's Antiques.

Big Daddy's also had this table in the courtyard.
I would love a little table like this.

Faux bois furniture is quite expensive.
That's because there is so much work and craftsmanship that goes in to creating a piece.

Faux bois stairs and fence.

A few more interesting pieces....

Martha Stewart's table, handmade by faux bois artisan, Carlos Cortes from San Antonio, Texas.
Isn't it a beauty?

Martha Stewart's faux bois melamine dishes look fantastic with brown transfer ware.
Wait. Are those faux bois candles? I want them!

Traditional Home
A wonderful little fireside chest. I wonder what this is made of.
Perhaps it is real wood!

I saw these planters on OKL. They were very expensive.
However, they reminded me of the resin pieces I found at Joann's Fabrics.

The large one was under $20 and even came with a drain hole.
A serious planter, it is holding a collection of white orchids for the dining room table.

My friend Heather gave me this sweet little orchid plant.
I remembered the mini pot from Joann's which turned out to be a perfect vessel.
Thank you Heather!
Orchids and faux bois just seem to go together.

And last, here is an example of faux bois as paint technique.
Hard to believe this was probably a white mantel. It looks so authentic.

Are you a fan of faux bois too?
If so, for more inspiration, visit It's (K)not Wood, a blog dedicated to all that is faux bois.
The artist Carlos Cortes has a website too, here.

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