The Kitchen Facelift - Stage Two

Stage two of the kitchen facelift began yesterday.
Since the new stove is finally here and waiting to be delivered, the cabinet where it will live had to be removed. So Ryan the Contractor is back!

The hard part was seeing the yellow subway tile go.
It will be replaced with white subway tile. Believe me, if I could have, I would have saved it and bought more to fill this wall, but the company went out of business and there is no more of it anywhere.

I'm saving this cabinet for a future project, yet to be determined!

Here is what it looks like now. The floor will be patched today.
The wall will be tiled to the floor and the range will fill this entire alcove.

The double ovens that no longer work, also came out. A cabinet maker will fill this space with shelves and double doors. Hopefully, it will look like it was always there.

I'm so excited to get the stove and see this project through.
It began in October with the countertops. Stage three will be painting the cabinets.
I'm already thinking outside the box about a color instead of painting them white.
We'll see....

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