Progress In The Kitchen

Yesterday was a big day.
The backsplash was completed just in time, because today is an even bigger day!

This morning, the new stove will be delivered and set in place against the the tiled wall.
All 900 pounds of it! I'm so excited!

Until it gets here, I'm pacing and puttering and typing away.
Removing all the stuff off the dining room table...

... and finally putting it back in the kitchen.

Bob the Cabinetmaker has been working hard restoring the cabinets where the trash compactor was removed.

Trash compactors are a thing of the past around here as we have to sort our garbage into three categories. Recycle, compost or just garbage. So now we will have two pull out bins with a compost pail under the sink.

When the double ovens were removed, the hole had to be patched also.
Bob is building shelves for my cookware with double doors, matching the other doors on this cabinet wall. Which brings me to paint.

Another example of a green cabinet. I'm loving this color!
Uh oh, they're here with the delivery!
To be continued....

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