Les Bacs à Oranger

I'm in love with the pottery from Anduze, France.
Particularly the orange bins, or bacs à oranger.

Essentially, they are iron framed boxes with terracotta panels that hold citrus trees and topiaries. These date back to the 17th century, original to Versailles!

The purpose of these planters is so the trees can easily be removed for the winter.
I love the ones made in La Madeleine with the crest on the fronts, especially in this majolica green color.

Although, this plain sided one would work too.
They are hard to find. And very expensive, so I'll just have to admire them online.

Before Pierre Deux went out of business, they carried bacs à oranger in three sizes and several colors. I waited for them to go on sale, but that never happened!

Wouldn't they be gorgeous flanking the front door?

For sources and more information, visit Authentic Provence, or Poterie de la Madeleine.

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