It's Not Easy Being Green

Taking a cue from the Welsh cupboard, I came up with the wild idea to paint my kitchen cabinets green instead of white.
At least I'm leaning in that direction.

It's not easy being green! Or rather it's not easy to find the perfect green color.
Looking at the dining room wallpaper, there are many different greens, all blending together.
That's what I want!

A photo harvested from Pinterest shows the different shades and glazes that I'm thinking about.

Last weekend, I visited a kitchen showroom in Petaluma and found this cabinet for inspiration.
However, the color is a little too light and the distressing is a little too much.

This photo comes close to the combination of materials in my kitchen.
Marble countertops, subway tile and hardwood floors. The color is a little too gray for me.
I like the color, but it doesn't go with all the other greens in my house.

I like the green color in this kitchen from Pinterest, but again, too much distressing.

This kitchen intrigues me.
I like it, but it's too much green. The backsplash should be white and I would paint the inside of the cabinets behind the leaded glass white too.
Love the copper pots with this color!

My friend Lisa's kitchen is a perfect color of green.
Just the right amount of distress and glaze.

Yesterday, Ian the Decorative Finish guy showed up with a sample.
Don't ask me how, but he read my mind. He knew exactly the color I described to him, and he came up with it. When I put the frame that I bought this weekend for a color sample to show him, it was spot on!

It has just enough distressing, just enough color variation and just enough glaze.

Although I haven't ruled out white, green is growing on me!
It would be Stage 3 of the remodel. Stage 2 is coming to a close.
The subway tile is being installed today. The hardwood floor patch is finished.
And the range is being delivered on Friday!
Stay tuned for the semi-final reveal.

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