Tuscan Style is Finally Here!

Thank you Sherry at No Minimalist Here for telling me that Tuscan Style was out, otherwise I would have never known! Well, eventually. But you know what I mean--right?

So, even though I was sick with the flu, I downed 3 Advil and we drove to Barnes and Noble and bought 6 copies!

No one prepared me for the excitement of seeing our home in a magazine. Although, Bonnie Broten, who was the stylist for the shoot did try!

With all the styling and rearranging of furniture, plus John Granan's amazing photography,
they captured the essence of the house and location.
I took these photos during the shoot just in case the article didn't get published! I still can't believe that it actually was!

Taking a look behind the scenes, I love how Bonnie used roses and grapes from the property to make simple arrangements. She taught me that less is more. Something I'm working on!

She staged the top of the hutch in the dining room using old books and my favorite vintage oil painting of grapes.
I haven't touched it since!

She gave the Welsh cupboard a new look too with my roe deer antlers, vintage plates and a collection of local wines.

She used figs, grapes and grape leaves from the garden to create this tabletop vignette in the pool house.

It didn't make the final cut, but just look at the light captured here!
And this is just from my camera--not John's.

They were quite a team, those two!

It was such a fun time with Bonnie and John, truly an experience of a lifetime.
Something we will never forget. And now it has all come full circle.
We're still pinching ourselves.....!

For more on the photo shoot, read the post I wrote back in September here.

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