Pre-wedding Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at the wedding decor I'm designing for our daughter's wedding next Saturday. This is a mock-up of the centerpiece for the kiosk tables. I started with a log slice, added a succulent ring, a canning jar with pebbles and a candle, then tied little wooden tags with the initials A + C carved on them.

For the 90 inch round tables, I am using potted white hydrangeas in bark covered containers.

They will sit atop log slices with small pint canning jars holding candles around them.
All the linens are burlap colored linen.

Presidio Trust
Because the upcoming wedding and reception will be held in a log cabin, I'm keeping with a rustic theme, which includes canning jars.

Canning jars as candle votives are apropos, but also necessary as the venue requires candles to be set in glass, two inches below the surface.
I'm just glad we are allowed candles!

Canning jars also proved to be the perfect bottle for the homemade beer!
For more canning jar inspiration, read Ashley's latest post here.
Stay tuned for more wedding sneak peeks coming up!

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