Guest Blogger: My Daughter Ashley!

I asked my daughter Ashley to do a guest post for vignette design after our day at the Alameda Antique Faire. Mind you, I did not edit a word!

Last Sunday, my mom D-Lo, or Delores, took my friend and I to the Alameda Flea Market. Neither of us had been before, so we were surprised at how huge this flea market actually is. There are people selling old Coca-Cola signs, vintage clothing, chandeliers, bottle and jar collections...this list doesn't end.

At first we were anxious to check out the food truck scene. There were some classic carnival food options, but there was also a Belgian waffle truck, a falafel truck, a wood fire oven pizza truck, and a flatbread truck. We chose the latter, which was great, except the chef wouldn't allow me to add cilantro to my sandwich. Not cool.

Anyway. We weaved in and out of the aisles for about two hours. Nobody bought a thing, but I borrowed D-Lo's camera and had some fun with it. Here are our favorite things:

Things I like:

Things D-Lo likes:

It was a beautiful Bay Area day, 70 degrees in December. I can't wait to go again next month!

Thank you Ashley!
Be sure to visit her blog, Tourshi.
And look for her contributions on an upcoming website, geared towards the arts, (to be announced soon.)

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