Let's Talk Turkey

Turkey plates, that is.
Here are a few classics to whet your Thanksgiving whistle!
Beginning with this wonderful, brown transferware plate by Wedgewood called "His Majesty."

Johnson Brothers has many turkey plate patterns to choose from. This one is called "Woodland Wild Turkey."
Notice the detail around the rim.

Another version of the Johnson Brothers plate, called "Woodland Turkey."
I actually found these last year at Tuesday Morning for $5.99 each!

And my all time favorite is this plate, also by Johnson Brothers, named "Wild Turkeys."
The rim is the same as my Windsorware Harvest plates and would mix nicely.
They are highly collectible and currently priced at $89.95 at Replacements.

"Barnyard King," by Johnson Brothers is a really fun plate. I'm a squirrel nut (no pun intended), so if I ever came across this in an antique store, I would definitely buy it!

Another Johnson Brothers plate, "Autumn Monarch" is splendid with the pumpkin and fall leaf border.

"Queen's Myott," by Churchill is still around. I've seen them in the past at Marshall's
and TJ Maxx!

Spode also has quite a few patterns to choose from, both vintage and new, like this one.

Spode's "Wild Turkey" plate has a lovely dark brown, almost black rim.

The brown transferware Spode, "Celebration Turkey" plate.

And finally, these plates from Pottery Barn are currently available for you to start your instant Thanksgiving plate collection, if hunting for years in antique stores, searching for that vintage pattern isn't your thing!

This year, I'll probably set the same table as I did last year, using the Johnson Brothers "Woodland Turkey" plates.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I'm very traditional and love the Thanksgiving cliche elements. The formula that works for me is paisley or plaid, turkey plates, fall flowers, leaves and gourds, stag horn flatware and jewel tone crystal. Hey, why re-invent the wheel?

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Nancy also has an Etsy shop specializing in transferware. If you are looking for turkey plates, this is THE site to visit here.
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