Italian House Architecture - Contemporary Urban Design

 With a name that literally means "wind" in Italian, Vento House by MZC archittetura is elegant and airy as its name suggests. Located in the city Trevisto, this excellent example of Italian domestic architecture is a lesson on how to remove "eclectic" style. Standing in line with a block of row houses, this modern, minimalist facade with windows that give their close neighbors. Natural light bathes the interior open space, bouncing off the white walls to reveal the unique intricacies of the house as granular natural wood floors, painted wood ceilings and a staircase that gorgeous if not gravity, you can rise above and below. A wall painted in gray not quite up to the roof - which gives an interesting view, as you can appreciate the ceiling of the room shape. The whole house has a tendency warehouse-workshop taste, with an authenticity that you can find in a city like this.

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