Illuminating Reuse: 15 Recycled Lights And Lamps

Eggs, Legos, ballpoint pens, blenders and plastic spoons: these are just some of the things that have become great creative crafts lamps. Why buy new bulbs, or when it might be a beautiful lamp or a lamp that allows waste to good use? These 15 examples of great eco-lighting to show how materials can be recycled, stylish and fun - solar lights and lamps, bookcase with two-in-one mouse pad built into the green lights, and do it yourself wood bent lamps.
To decorate a chain of "fairy lights", all you need is a cardboard egg carton and scissors. Esprit Cabane has created this beautiful flower in the form of light, when mounted on the deck and the light gives a warm and welcoming effect. Use LED lights only to prevent this DIY project turns into a beautiful light a fire hazard.
If you have a lot of old fluorescent tubes out there that you do not know what to do, you can build your lamp tube recycling, such as Toronto, the design collective Castor canadensis. Unfavorable light that would otherwise have been thrown into the light, which is a simple and modern.
  Once it has passed all the compact fluorescent bulbs, and at the same time, it's a good thing, it means that the old bulbs accumulate everywhere. Bulbs Unlimited is easy to recycle these lamps with quirky DIY kits to save the old bulbs die of shock out of luck.

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