Following Nature's Lead

"In choosing colors....follow nature's lead." ~ John Saladino

If that's the case, then I'm heavily influenced right now with the colors of fall.
The red Zinfandel vines, the orange Boston ivy covering our house in Asti,

and the olive greens of the rosemary and dormant lawn.

At home, all the Japanese maples are turning colors.

Yet the Iceberg roses remain a lovely cool white.

The reason for my color obsession so early in the morning?
First of all, I need to pick a color for the downstairs bathroom walls.
I'm leaning towards the light gray of the misty sky in this photo.
But wait, there's more....

Yesterday, I went to the wholesale nursery for December wedding inspiration.
Luckily I found bark covered containers for the wedding centerpieces, as well as hydrangeas, paperwhites and amaryllis for Mr. A's big birthday party next week.
Doesn't my haul look like I'm following nature's lead?

I'm going to remember John Saladino's quote today when shopping in San Francisco with my girls for wedding clothes. First stop: J Crew bridal, where I'm hoping this color somehow makes an impression. Although I'm not going to be blogging about the wedding, I can still talk color and decor, right?
It's all starting to come together!

Did I mention my plate is full!

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