Belle Mini Mali Aromatic Aquatic Centre In Le Havre By Ateliers Jean Nouvel

 We were in Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, and today we are going to show anything we have seen, and de-France Le Havre Aquatic Centre, a public swimming stadium with a minimalist approach in its interior. This minimalist aquatic center was designed by architects Ateliers Jean Nouvel, the center of nested more than six indoor and outdoor pools, and that includes an Olympic size swimming pool lap.

The indoor pool interiors are almost entirely white. You can find a mixture of blue and white, which contrast beautifully to create a relaxed atmosphere, while the natural skylight offers natural daylight in. The outdoor pool offers swimmers a more organic softness with you ever changing sky looking for.

Feature fabulous waterfall and a glass viewing area for those who need to relax more can be found in another part of the outdoor pool. This is more of interest for visitors and also serve to distinguish the different regions. There is no excuse why should not visit the beautiful aquatic center in France. You can visit the other work of Jean.

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