A Very Big Day!

Yesterday was a big day at casa vignette design! The new countertops were installed!

New plywood went in first, then it was epoxied...

....then the slab came in. Gasp!
Oh my, it is just beautiful!

I might as well spill the beans right now, instead of waiting for the final reveal.
I did not get black soapstone.
I ended up with calacatta oro marble instead.

For the entire kitchen, not just for the island.

After the granite was demoed, I couldn't find two pieces of soapstone that matched.
Believe me, I tried. Also, soapstone doesn't come in large enough slabs, so there would have been many seams.

I owe Carlos the Fabricator a huge thank you for being patient with the decision making process.
As you can see, we had a template for soapstone, but every piece had issues. Cracking, too much veining, etc.

The island was always going to be marble, so after a week of searching for the perfect soapstone, I switched gears. Carlos was also key in negotiating the price for me.

Back to the kitchen, I'm really happy with my decision.
Although, we have to wait 48 hours before we can touch it after the sealer was applied.

I had to "sit on my hands" last night to resist the temptation to accessorize!
The jury is out on the butter colored backsplash. The fabricators didn't crack one single piece!
But, does it go with the new marble? I'm still deliberating!

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