My Soapstone "Pinboard"

Green Mountain Soapstone
I have been spending a lot of time at various stone yards the last couple of days, working up the courage to replace my countertops.
At first, I thought honed absolute black granite would give me the look I want. A classic, black and white, neutral look in my kitchen. But it looks too contemporary--like asphalt even!
Also, fingerprints show.

Carlos the Fabricator has been very patient with me, because I'm all over the place!
Granite? Carrara Marble? Soapstone?
He has negotiated the price for a few slabs of soapstone, currently on hold for someone else.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they become available, because soapstone is what I keep going back to.

Green Mountain Soapstone
This is the look!
I'm trying to put my finger on why soapstone speaks to me.
After all, there are plenty of natural stone products out there that are similar.
But they aren't soapstone. All I can say is that it carries the weight of an emotional decision.

The sales person at the stone yard tried to tell me that soapstone will stain and etch.
He wants to sell me absolute black granite!

Home and Garden Webshots
Remember chemistry class in high school? The counter that the bunsen burners sat on was probably soapstone. That's because soapstone does not absorb chemicals. So therefore, red wine, lemon juice, olive oil and tomato sauce won't be a problem!

For months, I've been "stalking" kitchens with soapstone counters, like Joan's from For the Love of a House. Her kitchen was recently featured in Better Homes and Garden's Renovation Style magazine.

I can't get enough of my friend Lisa's kitchen with soapstone counters. This is probably when I fell in love with soapstone! I love the feel of the counters. Like velvet.

Then there's the "Something's Gotta Give" kitchen. My all time favorite.
I've been stalking this kitchen for a very long time!

House and Home
So, to sum up. This is what I decided on, as of yesterday, after spending four hours with Carlos the Fabricator and visiting several stone yards:
Soapstone on the perimeter counters and calacatta oro marble on the island, since it is black already.
Tuesday is demo day. Stay tuned....

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