Incredible Modern House Ribeira Grande By Bernardo Rodriguez

 The house is located in the north of the island of S. Miguel in the Azores. Because of the wind farm microclimate provides frequent and bathroom, the first design strategy is to block the wind with the wall and offers a variety of terrace and patio to protect from rain. Patio and garden is open all living space with natural green, with glass walls that move away from the outside. Upstairs there are rooms are closed and personnel protection. This typology follows the classical plan of Palladio and Scamozzi almost the center of design, with living room of double height and two lateral wings enclosing a kitchen. It also uses a high chimney of the residential architecture popular inner terrace is closed, and the other wing has a lot of the first floor and roof terrace. The two wings ends with the entry of light from the south. Roof of the magnificent views of the island's north coast.

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