Demolition Derby

This week was demolition week, starting with Monday when Carlos the Fabricator and his crew came to take out the granite.

It's amazing how painless it was.

I was hoping some of it would come out in large pieces so my friend could have a piece for his apartment kitchen. But, it came out in small puzzle pieces.

It was all gone by noon, without any damage to cabinets and floors.
I even have my subway backsplash still! Not even a crack or a chip!

After the granite was gone, his crew started making a template.

This involved outlining the counter with balsa wood and stapling together a pattern to lay over the stone. The inside area is blank so that the stone pattern can be seen and selected before cutting.

This sounds crazy, but I like the plywood almost better than the granite?

Just kidding. But it did lighten up the room.

On Wednesday, the demolition crew showed up to demo the two bathrooms.

Also painless! They were here and gone by early afternoon.

The downstairs bathroom after demo.

Ashley's bathroom after demo.

I kept the tub, but didn't realize the silicone from the shower door is nearly impossible to get off. Still working on it!

Now, the fun begins!

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