Big Daddy Inspiration

When the "going gets tough," I go to Big Daddy's Antiques for design inspiration.
I'm on the hunt for something unique and original to hang over my kitchen island.
You never know what you're going to find at Big Daddy's, plus they can make just about anything into a light.

I got a little distracted with all the succulents they had everywhere, like on this wall of crates.

What a great idea to stack old wooden crates on an outside wall and fill them with succulents and votives!

You also never know who you might see at Big Daddy's.
I got even more distracted when I realized the singer, Chris Isaac was shopping too.
I should have asked for his autograph or something...

I just acted nonchalant and went about my business!

I got lots of great ideas for succulent containers.

Fun candlesticks!

I fell in love with this console table. It would be perfect in my daughter's home.
Unfortunately, it did not have a World Market price tag!

The coffee table and end table would look wonderful just about anywhere!
But I'm looking for lighting, right?

Great sofa, great pillows!

Love this chandelier, even though it isn't electrified. It would be beautiful under an arbor or hanging from a tree outside. But not over my kitchen island.
So the hunt continues. And that's the best part.
Next stop: The Alameda Antique Faire next Sunday.

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