The Tuscan Style Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes

The photo shoot is just a memory now. Oh, but what fabulous memories!
Here is a peek at some "behind the scenes" moments.

The uber-talented John Granen and Bonnie Broten surveying the pool scene.

The two of them work so well together, always keying off each other.
I swear, they could read each other's minds!

For the bedroom photo, John brought out china silk to filter the sunlight.
I wish I could show these photos! So beautiful, with the dappled sunlight.
The silk gave the room a soft glow.

The wind was also blowing, so someone had to hold the silk to keep it from blowing away.
I was glad to help, freeing up Bonnie to fluff the pillows, adjust the drapes, and arrange the flowers.

In fact, we all had a job! I assisted Bonnie and was generally her "go-fer"--a job I was more than happy to do. Watching and learning about styling from a pro!

Mr. A supported us all.
If the pool needed sweeping, he was there with the broom.

You need grapes for that shot? No problem, let me cut them for you!

Olive branches too!

Hungry? Let me make you a sandwich!
In fact, Mr. A did what he does best. He fed us fabulous food!

Like our heirloom tomatoes, still warm from the garden with a little olive oil and champagne vinegar.
After all, you can work up quite an appetite during a photo shoot!

Sometimes, you need a break. So we took a couple of hours when the sun was too "hot" for the camera and went to lunch at Francis Ford Coppola, just a few miles down the road. John's treat!

The last evening, we took John and Bonnie to our neighbors for cocktails.

Our neighbors live high atop the mountain and have built a compound of tent cabins. Kind of like summer camp for grown-ups! You can read about them here.
It was a great scouting opportunity for Bonnie...

...and John got some incredible shots!

Afterwards, Bonnie treated us all to Mexican food in town.
We were all feeling pretty tired by this point, but very happy about the shoot and how the photos turned out.
Mr. A and I cannot thank Bonnie Broten and John Granen enough, and can't wait to see the magazine when it comes out!

And that's a wrap!

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