Paint It Black, Part Two--My New Chalkboard Refrigerator

I know painting your refrigerator with chalkboard paint is not an original idea, and definitely a trendy one too.
But I thought it could be fun for a while. Fun until it starts getting on my nerves with all the chaotic drawings, quotes and grocery lists!

Yesterday, Bob the Painter installed the newly painted panels, which were original, to the 20 year old Sub-zero. I've had stainless steel panels on the doors for 5 years, and thought this would be a fun change for the kitchen.

I had fun writing a few quotes relating to food that I've been gathering.

My son's friend, Bob got into the spirit and drew some pictures for me.
We didn't know what we were aiming for, but it sure was fun being creative.

It is going to take some getting used to.
Like I said, I'm not sure about the messy feel....

Here's how we did it:
(Luckily I kept the original wood panels in the garage--they came in handy for paint matches.)
Bob the Painter set up an area on the side of the house for the project.

I wanted to only have the inside panels be chalkboard, so Bob taped off the moulding....

...and sprayed the panels with chalkboard spray paint, about 3 coats.

The stainless steel panels were easily removed...

...and voila!
I "seasoned" the chalkboard by rubbing the edge of a piece of chalk all over the black, then wiping it off several times. Now it was ready to draw on.

I think it's going to be fun changing the quotes and drawing new pictures.
Of course, the proverbial grocery list will be a staple!

I can't wait for my two granddaughters to come visit. They will love to draw on grandma's refrigerator! Zoe gets the left side and Reese gets the right side. I might have to move my quotes higher! Oh, and by the way, I would welcome any food or inspirational quotes, so send them my way please!

It's not exactly the glass front Sub-zero that I dream about.
But, I figure that it's only paint, and when it gets on my nerves, I'll paint it or put the stainless steel back on.

So, what do you think?

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