A Tuscan Style Hydrangea Bouquet

As the summer fades into autumn, now is the perfect time to clip and preserve hydrangeas.

Cut mature stems and put them in a vase of water about two inches deep. Let the water evaporate. It's that simple!

Dexter is enjoying his dog nap while I cut my hydrangeas. Little does he know that he is about to be left at home with a sitter!

I plan on taking my hydrangea bouquet to Asti for the Tuscan Style photo shoot.
Yes, today is the big day!

Bonnie Broten, regional editor for Meredith Corp. is arriving today to style the house. I've packed the car with "props" from my home, and we will stop on our way in Healdsburg at Uniquely Chic for sunflowers and roses.
Then, John Granen, the photographer arrives tomorrow to begin the shoot!
It's all very exciting!

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