Tuesday Inspiration: Pool Houses, Cabañas and Pavilions

Today is all about pool houses, cabañas and pavilions. That's right, we're having a pool party!
So grab your swimsuit and prepare to be inspired by these little architectural gems.

Architectural Digest
After all, it's the peak of summer and we could all use a little dip!
Make that a "design dip!"

Elle Decor
What fascinates me so much about pool houses is how they have to blend architecturally with the landscape, the existing house and pool.

Architectural Digest
They can have many purposes, from being a refuge from the sun, a cabaña that serves as a guest house, or a party pavilion. The list goes on and on...

Ladera traditional pool
Most important though, they serve as a focal point and anchor for the pool.

Historic Restoration and Preservation traditional pool
A mini-house that delivers a lot!

Architectural Digest

Pool House Designs

Taylor Lombardo Architects

The ultimate pool house: Bunny Williams' with it's pine cone studded pediment and log columns.

Last, but not least is our pool house in the wine country.
Originally, it was the vision of the previous owner, drawn on a napkin.
It serves as an outdoor kitchen, living room, bathroom and upstairs bedroom.
If it was the only house on the property, it would be ok!

Architect John Keenan said, "If a house is a novel, then a pool house is a short story."
I couldn't agree more!

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