Tuesday Inspiration: Patrick Dunne, The Epicurean Collector

Southern Accents
Patrick Dunne is the owner and proprietor of Lucallus, a culinary antiques shop in New Orleans, as well as Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

Although I have yet to visit his shop, I'm still very much inspired by his love of epicurean old things and also his philosophy. He writes with great intelligence and wit about history, antiques and all things culinary.

Coastal Chic
As an antique dealer, decorator and cultural analyst, Patrick Dunne has a lot to say about the art of fine dining and embracing objects from the past: "The dining table is the last retreat of the old values and more human scale of the past."

Southern Accents
He also says this: "The use and reuse of old things can be functional as well as beautiful.
People often think a kitchen has to be new and up to date, but food preparation is really an ancient process."

Southern Accents
In his own kitchen are a collection of copper pots, which he uses daily.
"I'm into using. I'm not much into display."

Coastal Chic
He designed this kitchen for a client who was looking to capture the light and color of Provence. Because Mr. Dunne also owns a house in Lyon, France, he has a feel and intimate knowledge for Mediterranean style and is a genius when it comes to color.
This is also where he scours the area for antiques to sell in his shops.

Southern Accents
In his own dining room, the walls are painted a pale pink so as to flatter his guests.
"I think that at the table there should always be a little drama, a touch of showmanship and lots of people."
"The carnival spirit should always inform."

Can you see why I'm so inspired?
Oh how I would love to visit his shop for inspiration, come home and create a tablescape, a 'la Patrick Dunne style!

Starting with beautiful, fine linen napkins...

...gorgeous sterling napkin rings.

Fabulous antique china and silverware...

...beautiful crystal too.

For now, I'll just have to be content with his book, The Epicurean Collector until I am able to visit New Orleans! You can order it here.

I leave you with another quote from Mr. Dunne:
"Like all history, the story of how we eat is really just another part of the long tale about being human, one necessarily full of vast communications and contradictions."

I'm joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday at A Stroll Thru Life.

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