Into The Woods

Growing up in Oregon, I have a thing for trees and forests, but the one thing California has that no one else does is the magnificent redwood tree.
So you can imagine my surprise when we discovered this small stand of redwoods near Healdsburg.

It's just a little picnic grove, but oh what a respite it was from the summer heat.

Did you know that the California coastal redwood is the tallest living thing on our planet? They can reach 300 - 350 feet tall and measure 16 - 18 feet across, and grow primarily up and down the coast from the border to Big Sur. We even have one next to our driveway!

As we walked through this little park, I couldn't help notice how wonderful and pure the air smelled. I later found out that coastal redwoods capture more carbon dioxide than any other tree on earth!

They provide a place for solace for people, as well as a refuge for plants and animals.
I love these trees so much and hope that what little groves are left, that they are protected forever.

"Oh redwood tree

Please let us under

When we were young we used to go

Under the redwood tree

And it smells like rain

Maybe even thunder

Won’t you keep us from all harm

Wonderful redwood tree" ~Van Morrison

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