It looks like we now have a cat.
I've been in denial about this fact for a while, but since we have a litter box, a bag o' cat food and numerous toys around the house, I'm forced to accept that my daughter's cat, Butter now lives here. I even bought her a little collar with bells to wear!

I'm smitten! How could a person who doesn't particularly care for cats fall in love with one?

You see, Butter isn't your ordinary cat. She is a cat who acts like a dog!
And since I'm a dog lover, her little dog-like personality has captured my heart.

I'm not the only one who is smitten! Alex is trying to figure out how he can take her back to school with him in the fall!

Even Dexter doesn't mind her! And he hates cats!

So what does she do that is different from the ordinary, aloof, independent cat?
First of all, she comes when I call her. And she is super affectionate. Almost too much so.
She has a habit of touching my face with her paw when I hold her. So cute!

She has a unique way of drinking. First, she dips her paw in the milk.

Then, she licks the milk off her paw. How cute is that?

Butter ended up here because her mom, Ashley decided to move to New Mexico, a place hostile to little kitties. So for now, she is here where she is safe. And loved!


Butter is joining "Baby Kitty's" birthday par-tay at Confessions of a Plate Addict.

O.M.G. I've become one of those crazy cat ladies!

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