Tuesday Inspiration: The Backyard Cottage

If you are fortunate to have a backyard shed that you're using for storage, think about repurposing it as a cottage retreat.
Maybe it could be a potting shed, a summer sleeping cottage, an outside dining room, or a private retreat for reading or meditation.

This is my BFF Maureen's backyard cottage. I have been asked to re-design her backyard, and one of the things I'm insisting is that we remove the tools, paints, lawnmowers and motorcycle and turn this darling cottage into a usable space. So this post is to inspire her of the possibilities....

Schappacher White
It could be a summer sleeping cottage--perfect for her frequent out-of-town guests.

I like the idea of an office--just hang a "shingle" outside. The commute would be so easy!

Her cottage could also become a dining pavilion. Oh, I would kill for this!

There are so many possibilities that it will be hard to choose which one.
My idea is to give her cottage two purposes. Think of it as a "two-fer!"

Just like The Fancy Farmgirl did, we would divide the cottage in half with chicken wire. Put a screen door in the middle for a chicken coop on one side and a sitting area on the other that would also hold basic garden tools. I'll even give her the ratty wingback chair!

Hopefully, she is inspired!

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